Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Spending Bans

I'm lucky enough to be pretty good at saving since I started working at Topshop when I was 15 and have dealt with my own money from then on. However, there's always times where what I convince myself is an occaisonal treat is actually something I either don't need to buy or something that I buy too much of already! Having four Starbucks on campus at Uni can be fab, especially in the Winter when I crawl in for 9am lectures, but just recently I've realised I've been rather spendy on my coffee fix.

With my holiday to Croatia coming up and the prospect of starting a full time job in PR in June which I'll need to get a work wardrobe together for, I really need to be saving my pennies! So for my final semster at Uni this year I'm going to attempt to not buy a single drink (sob sob) from Starbucks and see how much I can save!

What little treat would you cut down on to save a bit of money?


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