Tuesday, 26 May 2015

MYPROTEIN Pancake and Shake Review

Finally I've taken the next step in my fitness journey and have dabbled in the world of protein with the Myprotein chocolate caramel shake and golden syrup protein pancakes. When I started looking at protein products Myprotein stood out with the massive range of products they sell and at pretty reasonable prices I gave these two products a go.

The Myprotein protein pancake mix was something I've never heard of before; I've seen plenty of recipes including protein powder but nothing as simple as the protein powder itself and milk. 1 scoop of the mix and around 80-100ml of milk, a quick whisk and you're good to go! And the flavour of these are incredible, really sweet and full of flavour so there is no temptation to add any extras like sugar or syrup! I've been cooking these in the evening when I have early lectures so that I can quickly warm them through in the microwave, add some fruit and Fage 0% yoghurt and I'm good to go.

The Myprotein shake tastes so good you won't even know that its not a normal drink, and the protein mixes really quickly and easily so no lumps to deal with. Personally I have mine with milk to get a bit of added calcium but it tastes just as nice with water, a nice amount of chocolate and the caramel isn't overwhelming at all; you get it more as an after taste which is really tasty.

These two have made a massive improvement to my gains, I don't have a shake after every workout, probably just 1-2 times a week after I've had a serious lifting session. With a whopping 34g of protein per serving of pancake, and 20g per shake, hopefully I'll be making some more serious ab gains soon!

Let me know what your fave protein products are below!


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