Thursday, 28 May 2015

20 Reasons Why At 20 I'm Still Not A Grown Up

1. I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life

2. When cooking dinner, a pre dinner must be consumed because
ain't nobody got time to wait around whilst your main meal cooks

3. Joining a motorway when driving still scares the shit out of me

4. You have to pay bills for sewage? Wtf?

5. Making doctors/dentist appointments are still panic inducing;
when am I free for an appointment????

6. The daily scare of of questioning whether you left the house with the
straighteners still on- surely an adult should be worrying about things like
cookers and gas being on, not hair appliances

7. I would still much rather have a pet than a baby. Less puke and poop
is good for me thanks.

8. I'm not out of touch with social media/slang yet- hold on what's
a thot??

9. It is still socially acceptable to not like wine, adults don't order vodka
lemonades at resturaunts.... do they?

10. I've still got long summer/easter/christmas breaks (thanks uni)

11. But obviously I won't do any work during them because

12. And of course I can quote all of Friends. Wait can adults do that too??
How old is Friends again??!

13. Justifiying ice cream for breakfast is still fine

14. Or basically anything for breakfast

15.Netflix is considered a significant other

16. Although I do enjoy watching Netflix with a cup of tea and malted milk
biscuits which makes me about 105

17. I do not have anything suitable for business wear. A real adult can
swiftly pull a selction of of outfits for said business occaisons

18. And the thought of eventually not being able to wear what I want everyday
makes for a very sad situation

19. But at least I can have a comforting McDonalds at any time of day with no judgement

20. And I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life

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